Custom wheel finishes

We can customize your 1pc, 2pc, or 3pc wheels in virtually any finish.  FM Wheels offers both custom wheel painting and powder coating services to help you create the perfect custom look that no one else has.  The only question for you is, what color to choose from?  We offer different options, from chrome plating, copper plating, liquid finishes, powder coating, polishing and more! 

Pricing Per Wheel:

Pricing includes powder coating with basic masking/plugging of threaded surfaces. Custom masking is available for three stage wheels.

For candy or transparent finishes, pricing will be three stage for a base coat and top coat. For metallic or silver finishes, pricing will be two stage for a top coat. A clear or top coat is required over all metallic and silver powder coatings.

Most wheels require that chemical stripping be used prior to coating, there will be an NO additional charge for removal of old powder coating, paint, rust, or mill scale.

Wheel Size:
Single Stage - powder
Two Stage - top coat
Three Stage - liquid paint / two tone



Terms and Conditions:

FM Wheels is not responsible for controlling "out-gassing" of parts, a problem of internal gasses within a casting which when heated up can possibly come to the surface creating tiny pin holes. Cast aluminum wheels and parts may experience out-gassing and/or bubbling in the finished powder coating. FM Wheels will take every precaution to avoid out-gassing, however we cannot guarantee that out-gassing will not occur in porous castings. Make sure wheels are not bent, dented, or structurally damaged before coating. We are no responsible for re-coating if these issues are not disclosed.

Below are just some of the color options we offer.